Please Don’t Cheat On Your New Orleans Real Estate Agent

We are open and honest with our readers, our clients and anyone who takes the time to contact us with questions about the New Orleans real estate market.  We’re more than happy to discuss our feelings about the market, lending, appraisals and any other topic that someone wants our opinion on.

Invariably, during these conversations, we ask the question “are you working with an agent“.  Most of the time, folks say no.  And they usually are not, at least in their minds.

But there are those times when a home buyer or seller is deliberately cheating on their New Orleans real estate agent and using us.

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They might be doing a little checking behind their own agent’s back, looking to find out if another agent will give them a different answer than their own agent did.  This is a trust issue.  If you don’t trust your agent, please don’t cheat on them.  Just break it off and find a new one.

Their agent might not have answered the phone.  Contrary to popular belief and the proliferation of social networks and smart phones, none of us are connected 24/7.  Your agent might be with another client, might be on the phone with a potential buyer for your home, might even (horrors!) have taken a break to grab a bite to eat or go to the bathroom.  Please.  Leave them a message, send them a text or fire off an email.  If they are habitually unresponsive, see the advice above…break it off and find a new agent.

Those callers might be under the mistaken notion that we have their best interests at heart, when we don’t know them from Adam.  There’s a reason that you should work with your own agents.  Actually, there are about 572 reasons.  But the number 1 reason is that they are charged with protecting your interests.  We don’t have that obligation when you call to pump us for information.  In fact, anything you say outside of an agency relationship can be used against you during negotiations if you happen to write an offer on one of our listings.  Call your own agent, who is doing everything they can to protect and represent you.

If they aren’t…well, you know the drill by now.

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  1. Justin Dibbs says:

    I couldn’t have said it better myself, I agree 100%! Voicemail, what’s that? No one leaves voicemails anymore. Not fast enough for the “I want it NOW” folks, lol.

    • Lisa says:

      Justin, we get lots of calls that end up being folks that are represented by an agent. We guide them back in that direction, but I truly wonder about the conversations that are happening if buyers/sellers don’t know they should call their own agent with questions, concerns, complaints, etc.

  2. Jane Peters says:

    I really think the problem is that the consumer does not understand how our business works, and I think they are under the impression that we don’t all share the same information.

    • Lisa says:

      Jane, there’s probably some truth to that, but I find that many times I’m just told “well, my agent is on vacation” or “I can’t reach my agent right now”. Loyalty is important on both sides of a relationship. We owe it to our clients and I would hope that we get the same in return.

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