New Orleans Home Selling Advice: 3 Reasons to Fire Your REALTOR

3 Reasons to fire your REALTOR

3 Reasons to fire your REALTOR

We often hear from people that are unhappy with their New Orleans home selling experience and blame it on the agent they hired to market their home. Their knee jerk reaction tends to be “How can I fire my REALTOR®?”

I get it. It’s frustrating when you think there are ready, willing and able buyers out there for your home and yet it sits on the market with nary an offer in sight. And there are some really valid reasons to choose a different agent to represent the sale of your home. But there are some equally excellent reasons to do a little self-reflection and be sure that you aren’t sabotaging your own sale.

3 Reasons to Fire Your Listing Agent

He/she doesn’t return calls or texts

Communication is critical when you hire an agent and you should both be on the same page. If you haven’t already, talk to your agent about your expectations for how to communicate with you, whether it’s via phone, text or email.

Poor photography/showcasing your home

We live in a visual world – think Instagram and Pinterest and you’ll realize that not only do we have the attention span of a gnat, but we are easily distracted, so the necessity for quality photos can’t be understated. Additionally, they should be writing great copy for the MLS remarks, telling the story of your property in a way that pulls in buyers and other agents.

He/she doesn’t put your interests first

When you hire an agent, they have a fiduciary duty to represent your interests above their own. They owe you honesty and that includes giving you their professional opinion about offers and pricing. Overstating what your home is worth is not working in your best interest.

3 reasons NOT to Fire Your Listing Agent

Your price is too high

Your agent doesn’t control the market or what you “need” to net when you sell your house. The reality is that your house is worth what a buyer is willing to pay for it, not a penny more. If the comps show that you are overpriced, your agent has educated you, and you are still not willing to reduce, then don’t blame your agent because you’re sitting on the market.

You turn down showings repeatedly

There’s a reason that we have a saying amongst agents that goes “If you can’t show it, you can’t sell it.” If you won’t allow your agent to show the house, then you can’t blame them for not being able to sell it.

You refuse to negotiate

Unless you’re in an ultra hot neighborhood where homes are selling for more than the asking price, be prepared to negotiate with potential buyers, who won’t be willing to pay list price unless you’re at a perfect price point. Digging in your heels on price and losing offers is not the fault of your agent.


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