Terrytown LA Home Prices 2016

Terrytown home pricesTerrytown Home Prices

2016 was the third year in a row that we’ve seen Terrytown home prices increase. That’s good news for homeowners in the community, but it’s not bad news for buyers, since the average Terrytown home sold for $133,347 last year. That’s well within the budget of most of the first time home buyers we talk to.

Terrytown Home Prices 2012-2016

Prices are up, what about the number of sales?

On the backside of the increasing Terrytown home prices came a teensy decline in the number of homes sold. Volume dropped from 203 homes sold in 2015 to 201 homes in 2016, so basically sales were flat.

Terrytown homes sold 2012-2016

How fast are homes selling?

Prices are up and the number of homes selling is flat. What does that do the time it takes to sell a Terrytown home?

2016 recorded the fastest sales in the last 5 years, ending the year at an average of 58 days.

Is it a buyer’s market or a seller’s market in Terrytown?

We looked at the number of sales and compared that to the number of properties on the market for each quarter of last year. The result? It’s a seller’s market in Terrytown right now.¬†

Terrytown LA real estate market



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