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Old Aurora Neighborhood, New Orleans • Affordable single family  homes

Just south of Woodland Highway in Algiers, the Old Aurora neighborhood features beautifully tree lined streets. The sound of birds chirping can be heard each morning as the sun rises and begins to dapple the streets and front yards of the community.  The sprawling branches of the mature oak trees appeal to the recklessness of youth and dare you to see how high you can climb…

Old Aurora | New Orleans West Bank Neighborhood

Developed just after WWII, the original Aurora Gardens homes were typically small (700 to 900 square feet) 2 bedroom, 1 bath ranchers on large lots.  Over time, most of the homes have had additions made to them to enlarge their size.  As Algiers grew over the years, and homes spread to the north side of Woodland Highway (New Aurora), the neighborhood became known locally as Old Aurora.

Old Aurora | New Orleans West Bank Neighborhood Old Aurora | New Orleans West Bank Neighborhood

Most of the homes in Old Aurora were built in the 1950s and 1960s, but there are pockets of newer homes on Kingston Court, Brighton Place and Oxford Place.  Additionally, some of the homes that fell into disrepair have been razed and replaced by new construction.  Who could blame a buyer for wanting a lot with an average size of about 1/4 of an acre?

Old Aurora | New Orleans West Bank Neighborhood Old Aurora | New Orleans West Bank Neighborhood

Home prices in Old Aurora run the gamut, from under $50,000 for a lot or a home that’s ready to be razed, to over $175,000 for one of the newer or renovated homes.  It’s an affordable area of the West Bank, and the commute to the New Orleans Central Business District is under 10 miles to any part of downtown.  Also nearby are Federal City, NAS JRB New Orleans, the beautiful campus of Our Lady of Holy Cross College and a huge selection of churches and places of worship.


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New Orleans Public Schools
New Orleans Parochial Schools
University of Holy Cross

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For more information about living in Old Aurora, a list of available properties or a tour of the neighborhood, contact the West Bank Living Team today.

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