A New Chapter

Terri and I have had a great run at Keller Williams.  Over the last 3 years, we’ve worked out the bugs of being a team, learned to let each other handle the things we do best and figured out how not to step on the toes of our partners. During […] Read more »

New Beginnings

Gardening in New Orleans I don’t know about everyone else, but the start of school is kind of like beginning a new year for me.  New uniforms, cool backpacks that haven’t been written on yet, overflowing with all of the fresh supplies for middle and high schools. I remember how […] Read more »

Ouch! That Stings…

live oak trees new orleans

Buck Moth Caterpillars It’s that time of year again in New Orleans…buck moth caterpillars are back.  I remember my first experience with these nasty little critters.  We had moved into a house in Algiers that had a huge oak tree in the front yard.  I loved that tree.  It gave […] Read more »