Algiers Community Garden Needs Volunteers

Algiers Community Garden Needs Volunteers

Ready to put your green thumb to good use on the West Bank? There’s a community garden in Algiers that’s looking for some help. One of our community gardens is looking for new growers and a new lead gardener. The Teche Street Community Garden at 813 Teche Street (at the corner […] Read more »

It’s Almost Girl Scout Cookie Time!

When my daughters were younger, I took on the most dreaded of all volunteer jobs in Girl Scouts….Cookie Mom. Those adorable little girls were apparently some really hard core salespeople, because there were hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of boxes of cookies in my dining room, which had become the […] Read more »

In A City That Loves to Eat, People are Still Hungry

Second Harvest Food Bank We are lucky enough to live in a region that has the best food in the entire world. Whether it’s at a four star restaurant, a festival, a fair or over at your momma and ‘ems, we know how to eat. Unfortunately, while we are surrounded […] Read more »

Friends of Brechtel Park – On the Right Path

Saturday morning was the fall meeting of the Friends of Brechtel Park, and it was quite the success.  We managed to have not just one but TWO representatives from the New Orleans City Council in attendance, something that just doesn’t happen very often for a community meeting. The meeting started […] Read more »

Help Restore Brechtel Park

Brechtel Park, Algiers I’ve written before about Brechtel Park in Algiers, reminding everyone that we have a diamond in the rough – 112 acres on the America’s Wetland Birding Trail that is right in our own backyards and has the potential to rival any other park on the West Bank. […] Read more »

Woodlands Trail and Park Needs Volunteers

Woodlands Trail The destination for hundreds of species of migrating birds each year, Woodlands Trail encompasses 609 acres of land in Algiers and is part of the America’s Wetland Birding Trail. Some fantastic volunteers spent this past weekend helping clear trails, installing signs and putting up wood duck nesting boxes.  […] Read more »