Let The Merriment Commence

Mardi Gras 2010 Even though it’s not Twelfth Night yet (the official start of the Carnival season), the 2010 balls have begun taking place all around the metro area.  We were lucky enough to be invited to the King Arthur ball this weekend, so we gussied up in our finest, […] Read more »

Art and Linen

White Linen Night This past Saturday, just like the first Saturday of every August, was White Linen Night in the Arts District of New Orleans.  I haven’t seen such a crowd for a long time and although the weather was hot, hot, hot, it didn’t appear to keep anyone from […] Read more »

Relocating to New Orleans, LA – Experience a Sportsman’s Paradise

relocating to new orleans

Relocating to New Orleans LA Does relocating to New Orleans mean you have to leave hiking, canoeing and some of your other favorite outdoor activities behind?  Not a chance! There is a reason that Louisiana is known as the “Sportsman’s Paradise”.  Take a quick tour with me of the many […] Read more »