What I Learned in Real Estate This Week | 3/30/2012

Just some random musings about things I learned this week, some New Orleans real estate related, some not…. Negative feedback from a showing doesn’t always mean that a buyer won’t make an offer Green bean seeds sprout in less than a week Some agents don’t hesitate to have their clients […] Read more »

We Won’t Ever Be Like This

million dollar listing agents

I love reality TV.  My DVR is set to record Survivor every week and my guiltiest pleasure are those crazy real housewives.  So, when I saw that there was a new show about real estate agents in New York, of course I hit the record button right away.   Oh. […] Read more »

A New and Improved West Bank Living

real estate website design - all new westbankliving.com

West Bank Living Gets a Makeover One of the unfortunate side effects of using technology every day is that I often think I’m better at something than I really am. This site has been a work in progress over the last few years, while I moved things around, learned how […] Read more »

The Sounds of Summer in New Orleans

Summer in New Orleans Am I the only one that thinks the cicada population in New Orleans must be huge this year?  Since I do a lot of work from my home office, and AT&T apparently hates my house, I often wander out to the front porch during the day […] Read more »

Why We Write About More Than Real Estate

West Bank Living There are some social media experts who claim that a real estate site like West Bank Living is no place for information about the little things that go on in a community.  Things like new restaurants, fund raisers, school fairs (you know, the fun stuff).  Many declare […] Read more »

A Different Take | Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving.  That time of year when everyone stops to remember what they are thankful for.  We have our little canned speeches where we recite our good fortune in life and count our blessings of health, happiness and family.  You want to know what I’m thankful for? I’m thankful for… Facebook, […] Read more »