Buy Locally or Grow Your Own

life on the west bank of new orleans - growing food

My grandmother was a complete domestic goddess. She cooked, she cleaned, she grew and canned vegetables, she made jam and preserves, she taught her parakeet to talk and she ironed sheets and handkerchiefs while watching her “stories” during the day while my grandfather was at work.  She also rocked a […] Read more »

Signs of Spring in New Orleans

New Orleans Gardening While many of my friends around the country are still shoveling snow, I almost feel guilty for having spent the weekend putting in new bedding plants in my flower beds and planting seeds in the vegetable garden.  I’ve been spotting blossoms on peach trees, blooms on camellias […] Read more »

April Showers Bring May Flowers…

Spring in New Orleans We haven’t had very many showers this April, but the gardens are starting to recover from the deep freezes we experienced this winter and the flowers are either making a come back or are settling in to their newly dug homes. It’s that time of year […] Read more »

Winter Gardening in New Orleans

Living in a sub-tropical climate is a definite plus if you love to spend a lot of time in your garden or yard.  Despite the fact that it is November, there are still blooming flowers throughout my West Bank garden. However, the periwinkles are starting to get leggy, the coneflowers […] Read more »

A Sunday Surprise on the West Bank: Taking The Road Less Traveled to Nine Mile Point Nursery

Nine Mile Point Nursery Sometimes a split second decision can turn into a pleasant surprise, and that’s what happened today.  I’ve been working in my garden for the last few days and was down to the finishing touches.  There were some spots left that were just crying for something special […] Read more »

Has Spring Sprung in New Orleans?

Spring in New Orleans With average high temperatures hitting the upper 60’s, the itch to dig in the dirt has hit folks all over the New Orleans West Bank. I’ve seen tons of homeowners out working in their yards…clearing out dead plants, cutting back overgrown shrubs, and putting in fresh […] Read more »