5 Tips for Buying a Foreclosure

New Orleans West Bank Foreclosures

New Orleans West Bank Foreclosures With the way prices have been increasing in so many of our neighborhoods, we’ve been getting more and more inquiries about how to buy New Orleans West Bank foreclosures. Here are our top 5 tips for buying West Bank foreclosures You need to work with a REALTOR® Even though […] Read more »

Have Foreclosures Increased on the West Bank?

new orleans homes for sale - buying a foreclosure

The national real estate industry is whispering about a possible increase in foreclosure and short sale activity and that trickles down to the local level and always makes people wonder how it may impact their own neighborhoods. Have foreclosures increased on the West Bank of New Orleans? Foreclosure Listings Over the […] Read more »

Foreclosures on the West Bank of New Orleans

New Orleans West Bank Foreclosures Traditionally, Louisiana has been one of the states with the lowest foreclosures rates. While the rest of the country has been battling wave after wave of short sales and bank owned properties, we’ve managed to hold our own. After Hurricane Katrina, most mortgage holders allowed […] Read more »

Just Call For the List

Foreclosures in New Orleans I rarely listen to regular radio stations since my wonderful hubby gave me satellite radio for my car a couple of years ago.  But the other day I happened to be riding with someone else and heard a commercial that just made my blood boil. “I […] Read more »