Thank You for Your Honesty

choosing a new orleans realtor

Choosing a New Orleans REALTOR It amazes me that there are real estate agents that don’t seem to get that being completely honest with a home seller may be hard, but it’s the right thing to do.  Not long ago, I heard from someone who had been trying to sell […] Read more »

You Might Need A New Agent If…

Choosing a New Orleans REALTOR We are full time agents.  This is our job, our career, our livelihood, our chosen profession.  As we make our way through listing appointments, showings and phone calls, we sometimes run across those agents that make us say “What the…??” So in the interest of […] Read more »

Don’t Talk to the REALTOR!

New Orleans REALTORS There is a perception of many REALTORS as middle aged women or men with too much/not enough hair, too much make up, too much perfume, too much gaudy jewelry, too big of a car….everything in excess and then on top of all of that – they are […] Read more »