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Algiers Real Estate Market Update | March 2015

Algiers home sales 2010-2014

Residential real estate sales in Algiers, New Orleans Last year saw a significant increase in the number of residential sales in Algiers, rising from 356 in 2013 to 434 in 2014.     Average home sale prices in Algiers As the number of sales increased, so did the average sale prices. 2014 saw a rise…

New Orleans Real Estate Trends | Algiers Home Prices

Average home prices in Algiers | New Orleans Real Estate

Average Home Sale Prices in Algiers | New Orleans, LA Algiers saw a pretty significant increase in average sales prices in 2014, rising by almost 15% from 2013. This is good news for home sellers who bought post-Katrina and have been upside down on their mortgages. English Turn and Lower Coast Home Sale Prices The…

What’s Your Park Timbers Home Worth? | September 2014 Market Report

Entrance to Park Timbers in Algiers, New Orleans LA

Park Timbers in Algiers has historically been one of the most popular subdivisions, where custom built homes line the curving streets named for national parks. Home Sales in Park Timbers (as of 9/30/2014) As of the end of September, there have been 12 homes sold in Park Timbers, down 2 (14%) from the same time…

Algiers Home Sales | August 2014

Algiers LA

New Orleans LA 70114 and 70131 Home Sales It’s been a little while since we’ve looked Algiers home sales, so let’s take a look at what’s been going on in that market. I’ve pulled numbers both including and excluding English Turn and the Lower Coast, since just a couple of high end sales can skew…

Algiers Home Sales | March 2014

Home sale prices in Algiers LA

Home sales in Algiers (70114 and 70131) After drifting upward during 2013, average sale prices are down this year in Algiers. Take a look at the trends over the last 2 years for average and median sold prices throughout the 70114 and 70131 zip codes. The good news is that median prices are on the…

New Orleans LA 70114 | 2013 Home Sales and Property Prices

Home security when selling

Median price Dec 2011: $26,250 Median price Dec 2012: $38,500 Median price Dec 2013: $57,500 Median prices are up 49.4% from 2012 to 2013, but they are still among the lowest in the West Bank real estate market outside of Algiers Point. Average price per square foot rose from $44 in Dec 2012 to $60…

New Orleans LA 70131 | October 2013 Home Sales in Algiers

New Orleans LA 70131 | October 2013 home sales

Algiers 70131 Homes Sales I’ve heard from a lot of people in Algiers lately, all asking the same question – what’s going on with real estate prices? Most of the folks who have asked live south of (below) Holiday Drive, so let’s take a look at the 70131 zip code. Remember, this includes English Turn…

New Orleans Real Estate | Algiers Home Sales August 2013

Algiers LA

Home Sales in Algiers After home values soared post-Katrina, the Algiers real estate market has taken a bit of a beating over the last few years. We are finally seeing a bit of a turn around in both sales and values for both single family and multi-family properties in both 70114 and 70131 zip codes….

A Recap of 2012 Home Sales on the West Bank of New Orleans

2012 Home Sales on West Bank of New Orleans

The numbers are in for 2012 home sales on the West Bank of New Orleans. What communities did the best? The worst? Let’s look at a breakdown by zip code: Algiers 70114 The number of homes sold is down .94% from 2011 Average sale price is up 12.49% Foreclosures accounted for 52% of sales, down…

Algiers LA 70131 | March 2012 Home and Real Estate Sales

Average home sale prices in New Orleans LA 70131

Real estate activity in Algiers LA 70131 (excluding English Turn/Lower Coast) 153 single family homes are for sale High list price $499,000 Low list price $15,000 Average list price $149,547 Median list price $139,000 47 homes are under contract/pending sale High list price $299,000 Low list price $29,000 Based on 1st quarter 2012 sales, there…