Will Federal City Improve Home Prices in Algiers?

Federal City Algiers

What impact will Federal City have on home values in Algiers?  That’s a question that’s top of mind for many Algiers home owners who are hoping that the transformation of the Naval Base to Federal City will result in a reversal of the declining values we’ve been seeing for the last few years.

Before owners count on an increase in home values, they should remember that the entire project is scheduled to be phased in over the next several years.  There won’t be any short term run up in prices or demand for homes that are a short commute from Federal City, whether in Algiers or other near by West Bank communities.

Recently, the Algiers Economic Development Foundation provided some updated Q&A information about the time line indicating that the majority of the improvements will take place over a 15 year span.  We were happy to see that there will be about 400 new Marines transferring from the Kansas City area to work in the new location and are hopeful that the new residents will choose to call the West Bank home.

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