Using Census Data as Part of Your New Orleans West Bank Home Search

New Orleans Census Data and Your Home Search

The New York Times, with data collected from 2005-2009 by the Census Bureau, has mapped out a huge portion of the United States based on the demographics of the people living in an area.

I had not heard about the mapping project until I ran across a reference to it on a real estate blog in Salem OR recently and thought that it made for an interesting search for folks relocating to New Orleans.

New Orleans

If you are wondering about median incomes in an area or the education level of a particular part of the community, this is a good place to start.  Additionally, there is information about race/ethnicity, family status and changes in home values over time.  This data can help answer the question that we get time after time…”what is this neighborhood like?“.

We certainly don’t recommend basing your choice of what neighborhood to live in strictly on numbers. You should drive around in the areas that interest you the most and see if the community fits your wants, needs, budget and lifestyle.  After all, if you are going to call a place home, then it should “feel” like home to you as well.

See the mapping project here

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