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Relocating to New Orleans means an adjustment to a lifestyle that is more than likely quite different from what you are used to.

Welcome to New Orleans

There are some wonderful things about New Orleans…the food, the music, the friendly people who say “hello” to everyone who passes by and the way we welcome friends into our families until the line between the two is completely blurred.

One of the most daunting tasks when moving to New Orleans, however, is wading your way through the public school system.  There are schools run by the School Board, schools run by the Recovery District and then there are charter schools.  Until now, it’s been a challenge to get all of the information needed to make an educated decision about what school you want your child to attend.

Enter the New Orleans Parents’ Guide.  Created to help you make your way through the maze of school options, this new website, New Orleans Parents’ Guide, allows you to download a PDF file of all of your choices in public education.

From the New Orleans Parents’ Guide website:

The New Orleans Parents’ Guide to Public Schools is produced each year by the New Orleans Parent Organizing Network. The Parents’ Guide was developed through a partnership with Agenda for Children, New Schools for New Orleans, Operation Reach, Inc. and the Urban League of Greater New Orleans. These organizations worked together to launch the Parents’ Guide in the summer of 2007 in collaboration with the Recovery School District and the New Orleans Public School system.

It’s good to see such a comprehensive resource for parents in the city, and I appreciate all of the hard work that went into making this possible.

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