Relocating to New Orleans: A Guide to the Local School Systems

Any relocation, civilian or military, is filled with questions about your j0399955 destination.  Top of the list for families with children is “How are the schools?” Every parent wants their child to attend the best possible school, but how do you go about choosing one in a new city?  That answer, of course, depends on where you decide to purchase or rent your new home.  In the New Orleans metropolitan area, there are many options for parents to choose from.

New Orleans Schools

j0402264 Post Hurricane Katrina, the public school system in New Orleans became a complex network of schools run by the School Board, the State of Louisiana and a system of charter schools.  The application process has often been confusing to parents and left them wondering if they made the right choice.  Additionally, there are private and parochial school choices, adding to the often overwhelming job of picking the right fit for your child.

There are some terrific resources available to help research all of the options in New Orleans schools.

New Orleans Public and Charter School Information

New Orleans Parochial School Information


Is your child a budding artist, musician, dancer or actor?  The New Orleans  Center for Creative Arts is an exclusive institution that serves as a training ground for these students with specialized classes held on their riverfront campus.  Attendance is selective and an audition may be a requirement for admission to the program.  Note that NOCCA does not offer core academic subjects, but serves as an adjunct to the student’s regular school.

New Orleans Center for Creative Arts

school1Jefferson Parish Schools

Jefferson Parish public schools, while suffering damage from Katrina, have not evolved into the spider web of school systems like Orleans Parish has.  School boundaries are generally determined by your home address, so doing a little research prior to your relocation is critical to ensuring you choose to live in an area that is served by your favorite public school.  Of course, private and parochial schools are also available to students who live both in and outside of the parish.

Jefferson Parish Public School Information

Jefferson Parish Parochial School Information – select the Outside of New Orleans link on this page for elementary and high school information

Plaquemines Parish Schoolsj0402269

Plaquemines Parish has long held the reputation for excellent schools, making this a sought after area for parents who want to take advantage of the public school system.  While private and parochial schools accept students regardless of their home address, Plaquemines Parish requires proof of residency for enrollment into any of their public schools.

Plaquemines Parish Public School Information

Plaquemines Parish Parochial School Information – select the Outside of New Orleans link on this page for elementary and high school information

Special Options for Military Families

military hats

On the West Bank of New Orleans, the NAS JRB New Orleans offers an on-base school option for military families with elementary and middle school age children.  Belle Chasse Academy is a charter school with the goal of providing an excellent educational environment for the children of military families in the New Orleans area.

If you need local expertise and assistance with your relocation to the New Orleans area, please feel free to contact the West Bank Living Team.  We’d love to help you discover your new home in your new city!


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