Relocating? Consider New Orleans…one of the 15 Coolest North American Cities

Relocating to New Orleans

What does New Orleans have in common with Washington DC, Chicago, Santa Fe, Denver and others?  It’s been named one of the 15 coolest North American cities by, and rightfully so.  After all, what other city in the U.S. can rival New Orleans with its rich history, stunning architecture and gourmet dining?

While the typical visitor takes in the sights and sounds of the French Quarter and eats their way through the city until they are ready to pop the buttons off of their pants, residents know that the New Orleans and the surrounding areas have so much more to offer.

NOLA Skyline 4

Cultural Events.  Did you know that New Orleans is home to the oldest American opera association?  Or that if you’ve heard enough jazz for the day, you can take in a performance by the symphony?  If you prefer a little dancing with your music, the ballet would make a perfect night out as well.

Read more about the many cultural events in New Orleans.

Festivals and fairs.  I don’t think there is a person in the city who doesn’t attend at least one or two festivals a year.  Whether it’s a fundraising event for a local school,  a food festival, or the big daddy of them all, the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival, your calendar can quickly be filled to overflowing with the large number of events that are scheduled throughout the year.

Family friendly fun. A common misconception is that New Orleans is not a kid friendly town.  Au contraire!  We have a wide variety of things to do and places to go that are not only family friendly, but designed specifically with the kids in mind.  Family activities in New Orleans

Military specials.  For military personnel being transferred to New Orleans, there are even some extra special on base activities just for you!  One of the most fun is the Welcome Home Troops Parties that are held at NAS JRB New Orleans on a regular basis.  The parties will continue until every single serviceperson returns home.

This is just the tip of the iceberg!  It’s no wonder that New Orleans was honored as a cool city…and that’s why I’m still proud to call it home.

Are you relocating to New Orleans? We would be thrilled to help you find the right place to call home.



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  1. totem111 says:

    I really want to move to New Orleans, it has a lot of great history and is a very fun looking place to be. It seems perfect for relocation to get away from the busy streets of LA and go somewhere more laid back and literally jazzy.

    • SomeDude says:

      And I want to do the opposite. LA is always sunny and it seems like there is always something to do. NOLA is great! No place like home but my goal is to live in LA!

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