New Orleans in the Top 10 Best Places for Military Retirement

Military Retirement New Orleans

USAA and recently put together their list of the top 10 places in the United States for military retirees and I’m thrilled that New Orleans is on the list.

New Orleans LA

Now, there will always be naysayers who pick apart anyone’s top 10 list, and I’m sure the folks in some of the more expensive areas of the country will complain about being excluded because their median housing costs are 40% or more above the national median.  However, one of the litmus tests for the list was affordability and New Orleans has some very affordable real estate, especially here on the West Bank.  Combine that with several other factors such as proximity to a military base and amenities, distance to a VA hospital, arts and culture (which we know we have in spades!) and you have a top 10 city where federal pensions are not taxed.

Between the good men and women stationed at NAS JRB New Orleans and those at NSA New Orleans and the Federal City, I bet there are sure to be some people who decide they will be proud to call New Orleans home…permanently.

Read the USAA report

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