Are You and Your Agent on the Same Page?

New Orleans Home Buying Advice

New Orleans home buying advice

One of the perks of choosing to work with a great buyer’s agent is that they have the chance to get to know you and find out all of the little things that make you swoon when you see a house.  Finding a home for you that has everything you were searching for and more is what they do, day in and day out….watching the market, checking out the hot new listings, previewing homes that might work for you and suggesting properties that might not seem to work on paper but have the right stuff.

So, it’s a little discouraging to me when I get phone calls from folks who already have an agent but are driving around calling on signs or cruising the internet and calling listing agents.

I completely understand that you might drive by a house (or see it online) and get all excited, but your agent can give you all of the information on any property on the market, no matter what company or agent has it listed.  Not only that, but if you are seeing things that strike your fancy, your agent needs to know this!  It helps them to understand your desires even more, making them even more effective during your home search.

I’m happy to chat with anyone who picks up the phone and calls, but your interests are best served by communicating with YOUR agent.


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