Will Your Agent Attend Your Home Inspection?

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Home inspection conversations

I’m part of an online group of real estate professionals from around the country, so it always interests me when the conversation turns to “how we do it” in different states.

Recently, there was a discussion about the pros and cons of agents attending home inspections with or on behalf of their buyers and sellers.  Amazingly enough (to me anyway), there were a large number of agents who choose to not attend the inspections EVER and there are even some who don’t encourage the buyers to be present as well.

Some of the reasons I heard were things like “I don’t want the liability of knowing anything that might be wrong” or “the home inspectors just do their thing and send the report to the buyers later”.

That may be the way things are done in other states, and that may be how things are done by other local agents, but that’s not the way Crescent City Living serves our buyers.

Agents should attend home inspections

In my opinion, it’s our duty to attend the inspections in order to be as informed as possible about the condition of the property.  If all we are doing is reading a report after the fact, it leaves too many questions that could have been answered by the inspector on the spot.

If you are relocating from another part of the country, know that you are strongly encouraged to attend your New Orleans home inspection and you should expect your agent to be right there with you.

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