Where Does Your REALTOR® Fit on the Technology Scale?

It’s no secret that I love, love, love technology.  It makes my day to day tasks faster, easier and trackable.

  • I can send an entire package to a buyer or seller for electronic signature and have it routed directly back to the other agent and myself in minutes instead of the hours it can take to coordinate schedules for live signings.
  • I can text clients and other agents for an almost immediate response
  • I can reduce the number of trees we kill each year by using electronic files instead of paper, and believe me, real estate can create a LOT of paper
Is your REALTOR® keeping up with technology?
So, I was taken aback by a recent email that came from the Louisiana Real Estate Commission (the emphasis is mine).

Several recent studies conclude that nearly  80% of consumers first turn to the internet for  information on real estate. More alarming is the fact over 80% of the information consumers find on the internet is wrong! The marketing prowess of Google, Trulia, Zillow, and others, continues to trump the traditional efforts of real estate professionals to educate consumers.The conclusion reached by these studies center on the fact that the majority of real estate professionals practicing real estate, and the regulators charged with protecting the public interest in real estate transactions, are significantly older than the average age of the consumers they serve.

It is believed that the reluctance of more mature real estate practitioners and regulators to embrace and utilize cutting edge technology in their respective roles, has left a huge void in the marketplace, a technology deficit happily filled by Internet entrepreneurs.  The demographics of Louisiana licensees confirm we fit the national pattern. Our LREC age demographic of brokers and agents…revealed less than 20% of Pelican State real estate professionals are under the age of 35, the age group proven to be most technically savvy.

Now, I’m no spring chicken and I left the under 35 age group behind over a decade ago.  But I’m left shaking my head when I realize that while agents are moaning and groaning about the proliferation of sites like Trulia and Zillow getting in between agents and consumers, they are, at the same time, getting their butts handed to them by those companies because they aren’t keeping up with either the technology or the demands of today’s home buyers and sellers.

Here’s a newsflash….using the internet is no longer optional.  It’s no longer reserved for the “tech savvy” or the geek 2 cubes over in the real estate office.  It’s a mainstream, everybody uses it, get with the program or be left behind kinda thing.  Even toddler are using iPads, so there’s no excuse for a REALTOR® to refuse to leave the Jurassic Age.

It’s not a matter of keeping up with the cool kids or the latest and greatest in tech tools.  It’s a matter of providing information and service in the way that consumers want it.

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