When Your Stuff Overshadows Your House

Too much stuff can be hazardous to your home sale

We all have “stuff”. But when your house is for sale, it’s not just a good idea to de-clutter, but to take stock of what might turn off some buyers when they take a tour.

Home Staging: What should you remove when selling your West Bank home?

Nude art

Even if you had Michelangelo’s David in your living room, I’d recommend storing it away when selling. Parents touring homes with children will probably not go any further once they’ve had to cover Junior’s eyes the first time.

Personal lifestyle decorations

We’ve toured homes with some very personal decor that left the agents talking all about the “stuff” and not remembering a thing about the house. I’ve seen rooms decorated with skulls and skeletons in the middle of summer, rooms with wall to wall dolls that creeped me out (Chucky, anyone?) and once an entire house that had to have been owned by someone who fancied herself a witch. I don’t judge anyone’s lifestyle, but I do judge whether or not the home staging is going to repel more buyers than it attracts.

Pet stuff

I love my animals. But, when selling, it’s important to make the fact that they live with you as inconspicuous as possible. That might mean shoving the dog bed under your own bed during the day or relocating the bird that sits on your kitchen counter to another location that doesn’t make buyers leave with images of feathers in their food.

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