New Orleans Real Estate FAQ | What Closing Costs Does A Seller Have to Pay?

Home Seller Closing Costs

With FHA down payments increasing and no real 100% financing options left, many buyers are requesting  some type of closing cost assistance from the sellers.  I’ve talked before about keeping your eye on the bottom line, and looking at what your net proceeds will be from the sale, not how the money is distributed (but a gentle reminder never hurts!).  Something that many sellers forget though, is the fact that they will have their own closing costs to pay as well.  Since I get this question almost every time I present an offer, I figure that it’s important enough to include some home seller closing costs estimates in the FAQ series.

The numbers below are an estimate, not a guarantee that your costs will be the same.

Settlement/Attorney Fees $195
Title Research and Certificates $279
Cancellation/Release of Mortgage $135
Overnight of Mortgage Payoff $25
Orleans Parish Transfer Tax $325
Jefferson/Plaquemines Parish Property Tax Proration The annual taxes from the beginning of the year to the closing date based on the prior year’s actual tax bill.  For example, if you go to Act of Sale on June 30th, you will owe 6 months of property taxes that will be credited to the buyer for payment of the tax bill when it becomes due at the end of the year.
Orleans Parish Property Tax Proration Since Orleans Parish property taxes are paid in advance, the tax proration will be CREDITED to the seller from the buyer.

Thank you to Carolyn Bailey, closing attorney, for helping with the average costs.

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