Are You Prepared for a Flood?

New Orleans Flood Insurance

With all of the rain we have experienced in the last 24 hours, streets all over the West Bank and in New Orleans were flooded.  I hope no one had damage, but given some of the video footage that residents supplied to the news outlets, it looks like some brain surgeons still haven’t figured out that you can’t speed down a street filled with water without that water going somewhere – probably onto a lawn or possibly even into a house.

New Orleans flood insurance

It’s a good time to remind everyone that a hard rain can produce spot flooding that has nothing to do with your particular flood zone.  When the rain comes down faster than the pumps can work, we are all at risk.

Take the time to be sure that your flood insurance is up to date and that you have enough coverage in the event of a disaster….or even just a freaky line of really wet thunderstorms.

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