Top 5 Outdoor Features that Buyers Love

Have you created outdoor living spaces?  While the summers in New Orleans can make you want to disappear inside with the air conditioning, having outdoor home features can add value to your property.

We preach curb appeal all of the time to anyone considering updating, renovating or selling, but that appeal for buyers has grown from just what can be seen from the street.  Now, outdoor areas have become a much bigger selling feature than they ever were.

outdoor fireplace

Top Outdoor Home Features

The American Society of Landscape Architects conducts an annual Residential Trends Survey. Here are some of the findings from its 2011 survey, based on what landscape architects say are the most popular outdoor living feature trends:

  • 96.2% rated exterior lighting
  • 94.2% fire pits and fireplaces
  • 94.1% seating/dining areas
  • 93.8% grills
  • 89.5% installed seating, such as benches, seat walls, or ledges

See the rest of the list here


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