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We often get the question “is this neighborhood safe?”.  Unfortunately, we aren’t allowed to answer it no matter how tempted we are to give our own opinion.

That’s probably for the best.

Your definition of a “safe” New Orleans neighborhood might not be the same as that of your agent.  If you are moving from a small, rural town, then any crime might be a huge issue for you.  If you are moving from a large metropolitan area, you might be a little more relaxed about minor crimes, but still concerned about major ones.  There’s no way that we, as agents, can give you a warm and fuzzy that matches your expectations about an area.

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So, what do we suggest?

Drive or walk through the neighborhoods you are most interested in living in.  Do this during the day, the evening and on weekends.  Why so many different times?  Because the whole feel of a neighborhood can change after work hours or on weekends.

Talk to the neighbors.  The best source of community information (and maybe even gossip) is the people who already live there.

Check with the local police department or check out these online resources for crime data

Police protection on the West Bank of New Orleans is provided by:

New Orleans Police Department  (Algiers) 

Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office  (Terrytown, unincorporated Gretna, Harvey, Marrero)

Plaquemines Parish Sheriff’s Office  (Belle Chasse)

City of Gretna Police Department  (Gretna)

City of Westwego Police Department (Westwego)

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