New Orleans Real Estate FAQ | How Do I Find Foreclosures?

New Orleans Foreclosures and HUD Homes

Home buyers often ask “how do I find a HUD home?” without truly knowing what a HUD home even is.  They’ve heard that purchasing a HUD home is the way to get a house for pennies on the dollar and that they offer the best deal since sliced bread, so why not scoop one up while riding the wave of a buyer’s market, right?

HUD homes (and other foreclosures) can certainly be an affordable way to buy a home.  Just don’t get caught up in thinking that banks are giving away houses or that they will all be in move in ready condition. In fact, most banks and other financial institutions that are selling property they have foreclosed on are pricing them at market value, based on condition.

Gone are the days when a foreclosure was the key to getting not just a smoking hot deal, but some built in equity at the closing table. But that doesn’t mean that one of these homes might not suit your needs.

Foreclosures for Sale on the West Bank of New Orleans

Updated several times a day, here are the currently available foreclosures on the West Bank of New Orleans.



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