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When you buy a New Orleans home we will push, prod, cajole, plead and beg to be sure that you perform a home inspection.  It’s in your best interests and we don’t want you to find out down the road that there were issues with a house that would have caused you to either (a) not buy it or (b) offer less for it. Once we’ve convinced them of the necessity of doing New Orleans home inspections (even on new construction), one of the most common questions we get from both home buyers and home sellers is who will be at the home inspection?

Who is on your side during home inspections

Now, there are different customs in different parts of the country, but in New Orleans our custom is that the buyer, their buyer agent or REALTOR® and the various inspectors all attend the inspection.  I’ve heard that in some areas the home inspectors have access via lockbox to the properties and perform their inspections without anyone around.  I’ve also heard that in some states home inspectors don’t have to be licensed.  Thankfully, it doesn’t work that way here.

The seller and their listing agent should be no where to be found during your inspections – this is your time to have a professional assure you that you are getting what you think you are getting and to give you a fair and unbiased view of the condition of the property.  Take advantage of every minute of it.

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