An Open Letter to Agents: Please Don’t Steal Our Photos

What we want to say to REALTORS that steal our listing photos

Dear Fellow Agent,

I’m flattered that you think the photos I took of a house were good enough to “borrow”, but you have been reported to the board for being in violation of the rules (and secretly I hope you get a big, fat fine).

You see, I’ve spent quite a bit of my hard earned money on a quality camera and photo editing software.  I’ve invested the time to learn how to take pictures that show the houses we are selling in the best light.  When you take the easy way out and “right click” and “save” those photos for your own use, you are not just in violation of the MLS rules….you are not just doing your seller a disservice…you are not just showing a side of your character that’s not so pretty…you are STEALING and could be sued for a copyright violation.

Please take the time to learn to take your own photos or whip out your checkbook and pay a professional photographer.



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