You Need a Local to Get Local Real Estate Information

What’s the best reason to not rely on a national real estate site when searching for a home? They don’t know New Orleans real estate¬†like a local.


Recently, I was on Trulia’s website and the photo below was what they determined was a similar home in the same area.

If you live here or you’ve spent any time driving around, you know that Nine Mile Point and Jefferson aren’t really close to one another since there’s that pesky little Mississippi River in between them. Home buyers searching on the West Bank aren’t likely to decide that Jefferson is the same.


What Trulia thinks are similar homes may not be

Our pro tip? Get your real estate information from someone who can educate you on comparable neighborhoods.

Someone who knows both New Orleans real estate and the West Bank and can help you determine what’s the best choice in home for you and your lifestyle.


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