Improving Your Home? Don’t Miss Your Louisiana Rebates!

Whether you are selling your home or are just improving it for your own enjoyment, there are some rebate programs that reward Louisiana residents for improving the energy efficiency of their homes.  Programs are in place through February 2012 or until all of the allocated funds are gone.  With the focus on cutting government costs, these programs may or may not continue past 2012, so take advantage of them while they are still active.

Installing Energy Star® appliances, hot water heaters and HVAC systems can not only improve the energy efficiency of your home (saving you money on electricity), but they can possibly get you a nice little check from the State of Louisiana.  Rebates up to $500 are available to offset the costs of making these improvements to your home.  Energy Star Program

The Home Energy Rebate Option program provides rebates up to $3,000 for either building a new home that meets the energy efficiency guidelines or improving the efficiency of an existing home by 30%.

Louisiana Guide to Energy Efficiency Rebates


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