How Safe Are Those Contractor Lockboxes?

This past week, Terri was speaking to a home buyer that had been working with another agent. During the course of the conversation about which houses could be shown at what time, the buyer let slip that his last agent would just give him the code to the contractor lockboxes that are often found on foreclosure listings and on some vacant houses. With the codes, he could just let himself in to see the properties without having to schedule an appointment.


Home security when selling

Contractor Lockbox Issues

There are a couple of important issues here.


That agent has just broken a serious rule regarding showing property. We can’t do it without permission and we certainly can’t provide confidential information to a client. In case you were wondering, yes, the entry code on a contractor lockbox is definitely confidential information.

I wonder how the seller of a home with a contractor lockbox feels about the fact that the security of their property is being compromised because the agent isn’t using an electronic lockbox? Even vacant homes have things of value in them – appliances, fixtures, cabinets…all could be the target of thieves disguised as buyers. Giving out the entry code is not just foolish, it could result in a loss to the owner.

I’m not sure why an agent would not take advantage of the technology that’s available with electronic lockboxes. They track who opens them and notify the owner of the box of the time, the name, the phone number and even the email address of that person.

I’m much more comfortable knowing that no one is getting into my listings without me knowing the who, when and where.

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