Home Buyer FAQ: Can I Write An Offer on More Than One House?

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Writing Offers on Multiple Houses

In some segments of the West Bank real estate market, competition can be fierce among buyers. Typically, it’s the bank owned properties and those that are priced well for first time buyers that get the most interest.

We’ve seen some of our buyers miss out on houses because they either weren’t fast enough in making an offer or they were plain old outbid on a property.

As a result, we’ve been asked if they should write offers on more than one house at a time. The short answer? No.

What happens if more than one of your offers are accepted? Are you financially able to buy multiple homes? Most of us are not.

Now, we can probably get you out of a contract during the inspection period, but is that really fair to a home owner that is taking their house off of the market in good faith? Not at all.

Our recommendation is to move quickly when you see the house that you like. Odds are, if it catches your eye, it’s on the radar for another buyer too.

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