Simple Kitchen Updates Before Selling Your Home

It’s easy for me to walk into a home that someone wants to sell and put together a list of improvements that need to be made. But, like the cobbler’s children with no shoes, I typically put off making changes to my own house.

I’m not selling, but I was inspired by a recent client’s hard work to tackle an update to my kitchen.

Before: fluorescent lights, too much clutter and a very personal wall color

So, I decided to give the cabinets a makeover and have someone replace the lighting that I’ve hated from the day we bought this house. Out went the 1970s fluorescent lighting. Out went the dated cabinet color. Out went the terra cotta walls that were oh so chic….10 years ago.

The difference is striking.

After: Recessed and pendant lights, a neutral wall color and a more modern look for the cabinets

These simple changes made the room much more modern and I was thrilled to show it off!

There are still some finishing touches I’d like to do, but you get the idea…low cost changes can transform a room and make it much more appealing to home buyers. In total, I spent about $1,500, but the majority of that was for the electrician, new lighting and having the ceiling retextured and painted. The cabinet makeover was done using Rustoleum Cabinet Transformation. The kit is about $60 for 100 linear feet of cabinets and I used 2 kits in this room, with plenty of product left over to finish the trim that still needs to be changed.

Don’t be afraid to get some expert advice before your home goes on the market. We are happy to give you some tips on preparing to sell and we have a professional staging team that can help guide you along the way.

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