Louisiana Property Disclosure 2015

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Every couple of years, the disclosure forms that every seller has to provide to a buyer changes.

Effective February 1, 2015, a new seller property disclosure form came into play.

Who has to provide a disclosure?

Louisiana law states that anyone selling a residential (1-4 family) property must provide a disclosure to potential buyers, including For Sale by Owners. The disclosure must make known “…known defects regarding a property being transferred”. 

There are a few exemptions, including banks selling property they acquired via foreclosure, family members selling to each other and transfers of property due to the execution of a will or succession.

When should disclosures be provided?

As REALTORS®, we expect to be able to review a property disclosure with our buyers before making an offer.

The law states that if a disclosure is delivered after an offer is made, the buyer can terminate any contract or withdraw the offer for up to 72 hours after receipt of the property disclosure.

What a disclosure doesn’t do

  • A disclosure doesn’t take the place of a buyer performing their own due diligence and having the property inspected
  • A disclosure is not a warranty of condition
  • A disclosure is not a part of the contract to buy or sell between parties


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