How to Avoid a Painting Faux Pas in Your Home

Painting Mistakes

Are you considering selling your home, but need to spruce up the paint before doing so? Or, maybe, you’ve just bought the house of your dreams and you are having a little trouble choosing a color for the guest bath.  There’s a great website that can help you avoid making painting mistakes that not only costs you money, but time as well. I once painted a room 3 times before it looked like I wanted.  Let’s face it, none of us wants to spend our time painting a room again because it just didn’t quite come out the way we pictured it in our mind.

Colorjive is a service that allows you to test out different paint colors to find the one that you love the most, all without leaving the comfort of your home.  You can easily upload a photo of the room you want to repaint and play with the different colors until you like the results.  Paint names from Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams are included, making it easy to be sure you buy the right one.

I used the demo on the site to create a focal point on a fireplace with just a couple of clicks.  If this wasn’t the color I wanted, I could easily erase it and choose another.

Colorjive 1 colorjive 2

How much does it cost to use Colorjive?

A basic account is free. Premium users can store up to 10 photos for $15 per year. With a free account, you can upload a single photo, paint three objects in that photo and save three different versions. If you get a premium account, you can save up to 10 photos, paint 5 objects in each one, and save 7 different versions.

Most of us are not painting 10 different rooms at one time, but if you are building a new house and need to choose the right colors, it would be well worth the $15 – that’s less than one gallon of the wrong paint!

Go play with Colorjive and share your before and after photos here. We’d love to see what creative ideas you come up with.

**Disclosure:  we have no relationship with Colorjive and were not paid for this review.  We just think it’s a cool service that you will enjoy.

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