Home Staging Tips | Cleaning and Clearing the Clutter

No one really likes to clean (well, no one that I know anyway).  But getting your house sparkling clean and free of clutter is one of the first steps in getting it ready to sell.

To start the new off on the right foot, our friend, Amie Chaney of Home Staging by Amie, recently provided us with another list of home staging tips designed to address some of the problem areas that exist in almost every home:bedroom

Use neutral colors of paint which are not just beige but include taupe, green and gold.

Use the highest possible wattage light bulbs in all fixtures.

Make sure your home has a pleasant smell. If you can’t tell get an objective third party you can trust to answer the question.

Check to make sure the baseboards are clean and free of nicks and dings.

A Mr. Clean Magic Eraser works wonders for removing fingerprints and other discolored areas of woodwork and walls.

Whatever type of flooring you have – make sure it shines.

If you have several layers of window treatments consider removing all but the sheers to create more light and a less heavy feeling in the room.

What about your walls – are there holes that need to be patched and painted?

If you have personal collections pack them away.

Remove all personal photographs.

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