Home Staging Tips | 10 Easy Ways to Prepare Your Kitchen When Selling Your Home

Kitchens and bathrooms are the most critiqued rooms in a house when buyers are searching for a home.  They can also be the rooms that make or break a deal – a fantastic kitchen can help a buyer overcome some of their hesitation about choosing between several homes that meet their need.

Once again, Amie Chaney of Home Staging by Amie has graciously provided us with a helpful list of things to do to make your home shine before you put it on the market.  The recommendations in green are Amie’s, the commentary is mine.

  1. Make sure the inside of your refrigerator is spotless.  It doesn’t matter if the refrigerator is included in the sale or not, most buyers will open the fridge and check it out on the chance that it can be negotiated into the sale.  Wilting lettuce, dirty shelves and science experiment leftovers will make buyers wonder how the rest of the house has been maintained.
  2. Declutter your kitchen pantry.  You want them to feel that the space is big enough for all of their  storage needs.  Take it a step further and use matching clear containers for storing cereals, flour, sugar and other items that might normally just be thrown back in with a twist tie or in a ziploc bag. kitchen
  3. Remove all items from the outside of the refrigerator.  Grocery lists, pictures, magnets, the kid’s art work…all of it needs to go.  Besides the fact that it eliminates some kitchen clutter, it means there won’t be any arguments from the children about whose work has the best spot on the front of the fridge.
  4. If you have a hanging pot rack, take it down — they are distracting and make the kitchen appear visually smaller.  If there is not enough space to put the pots in a cabinet, consider packing up some of those rarely used kitchen items to make room for them until you move.
  5. Remove all but 2 small appliances from kitchen counter tops.  Pick 2…any 2.  My choices would be the coffee maker and the can opener, but feel free to choose your own favorite appliances that you can’t live without.
  6. Changing the hardware on your kitchen cabinets is an easy, inexpensive way to give them an updated look.  Simple metal hardware is best.  Please don’t choose something very personal such as dogs, cats or a knob color that may not appeal to everyone.
  7. Replacing a dated light fixture is as simple as purchasing a new, inexpensive one from Lowes or Home Depot.  This is especially important if the light fixture is original.  While retro may be all the rage, the 1960’s fixture, complete with dead bugs in it, needs to go now! Basket of lemons
  8. Fresh fruit and vegetables make great centerpieces in the kitchen.  The operative word here is  fresh.  No shriveled apples, brown bananas or sad looking citrus is allowed!  Lemons and limes are long lasting and when they begin to age can be used in tip #9.
  9. Grind a lemon, lime or orange in your garbage disposal. The citrus smell is very clean and pleasing.  Remember, you are setting the stage for people to want to live in your home and eliminating odors is a big part of that preparation.
  10. Clean and bright is the main objective for your kitchen.  This means everything needs to be cleaned well – cabinet fronts (try a little Murphy’s Oil Soap to make wood cabinets shine), floors (including grout on tile floors), appliances (cleaning the oven is a must – everyone opens it!) and (one of my pet peeves) trim work such as baseboards, doors and door frames.


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