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For sale by owner

For Sale by Owner Advertising

Recently, I’ve seen a number of For Sale by Owner properties being advertised on Facebook. Friends of the owner will then proceed to tag every real estate agent they know in the comments, in the hopes that we will bring them a buyer and give them bragging rights about not needing an agent to get ‘er done.

Rarely, it works. Rarely, it’s just the right house for a buyer that we’re working with. Rarely pretty much means never.

Before you tag your friends in your neighbors post, here’s a few things to remember.

  • We don’t give much attention to homes that are overpriced
  • We don’t show properties that don’t meet our clients wants and needs
  • Over improved homes are often the hardest for FSBOs to sell, because they don’t realize that the market dictates prices, not the granite that they installed

Our job is to protect our clients and their best interests. When a homeowner doesn’t want to pay for our expertise, we’re OK with that. But we’re not OK with leaving our buyers hanging out to dry, with no guidance on price, inspections, appraisals or how the entire process works.

How to effectively advertise to agents

Include your address. I can’t tell you how many FSBO listings I’ve seen that just say “hey, I’m selling my house if you know anyone looking” with no more information than that.

Take excellent photos. Ditch the filters.

Give details on the number of bedrooms and baths and any extras that you think would snag our interest.

Be willing to pay a commission to agents that bring a buyer. Give us a reason to look outside of the MLS, if that’s your goal.

Provide your contact information on your listing. When things get shared on Facebook, we don’t always know who to contact for more information.

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