You Might Need A New Agent If…

Choosing a New Orleans REALTOR

We are full time agents.  This is our job, our career, our livelihood, our chosen profession.  As we make our way through listing appointments, showings and phone calls, we sometimes run across those agents that make us say “What the…??”

So in the interest of the public good, we conducted a poll of professional Realtors across the country, asking them to finish the statement “You might need a new agent if…”.  Here are the responses we compiled during our completely unscientific survey.  Some are sad, some are funny, but they are all real life examples of why you need to do a little research before choosing your REALTOR.

You Might Need a New Agent If….

c166152_l Your agent doesn’t have a lockbox key to actually get you into the homes you want to seeThat’s OK, you don’t mind working your appointments around the schedules of the 12 different listing agents that have to meet you and let you into the houses while secretly rolling their eyes at your agent, do you? 

Your agent thinks using email is “high tech” or they only check it once a weekThat whole email thing is just a passing fad anyway, right?

Your agent doesn’t have a website or blog that provides you with good, local information about buying or selling a home.  See email explanation above.

Your current agent answers every single question with “I don’t know…”There is a reason they are wearing that giant name tag on their lapel.

Your agent doesn’t know how to fill out the standard real estate forms without asking for help…from the agent on the other side of the saleHowever, I’m sure that other agent has only your best interests at heart when advising them how to structure your counter offer.  You’ll be fine.  Really.

Your agent forgot to send your accepted contract to the lender or title company resulting in a delay of the closing.  What do you mean you already hired the movers?

Your agent doesn’t keep up on changing regulations and are surprised that they can’t do something the way  they’ve been doing it for years.  What with all of the time they spend scheduling appointments,  they can’t be expected to keep up with ALL of those changes, can they?

Woman taking photograph.There are no photos of your house online, or there is just that one of the frontTruly, your house looks great in that picture that was taken from their car…at dusk…in the rain.  Based on that one grainy shot, I’m sure the buyers will be beating a path to your door that is hidden behind the tree in it.

Your listing in the MLS is full of errors.  You mean you don’t actually have 6 bedrooms and a pool for $99,000?

You find yourself looking at kitchens when you can’t even afford a toaster.  But I’m sure it’s a ton of fun spending all of your spare time looking at beautiful homes that you can’t buy.  Didn’t your mom tell you that disappointment builds character?

Your agent doesn’t own a fax machine, a camera or any of the other tools of the trade.  Fred Flintstone called and he wants his stone tablet back.

greeterYou are always calling other agents about properties because yours is busy.  Remember, their motto is “You Are Number 1 #184”

Your agent doesn’t answer their cell phone or only returns calls at specific times of day.  If 10 or 2 doesn’t work for you, there’s always tomorrow.  It wasn’t important, was it?

Your current agent has a “real” full time job and can only show you houses on their lunch hour and after work. Psst….this IS a real job.

You are emailing other agents asking if your agent’s behavior is normal.  Now that’s just scary.

Your old agent is now the WalMart greeter.  But they are still handing out business cards with that 15 year old glamour shot on them.

Thanks to Paul Slaybaugh, John MacArthur, Heather Rankin, Julie Branum, Ray Nellum, Kristina Cusik, Kristin Esparza, Melina Tomson, and Heather Goodwin for contributing to the list.

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  1. Heather Goodwin says:

    I laughed out loud at a couple of those, Lisa. Great list, and I’m honored that you chose me as a contributor. Your clients can rest assured that they’re working with an experienced agent when they choose you!

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