New Orleans Real Estate FAQ: What Do I Have to Bring to the Closing?

what to bring to your new orleans real estate closing

What to Bring to a New Orleans Real Estate Closing

In the final days before a closing on their New Orleans home, I always hear the same question from every buyer and seller:  What do I need to bring? Lucky for you, it’s a pretty short list!


  • Drivers license – The law requires all title companies to verify your identification by making a copy of your drivers license or state ID.  Don’t worry, they have privacy policies in place to keep your information safe.
  • Certified funds – Once you know the amount of money you will need to bring to the closing, don’t forget that the funds will need to be in the form of a cashier’s check made payable to the title company.
  • Additional documents – Occasionally, there will be something special requested by a lender.  If so, don’t hold up your closing by forgetting it.


  • Drivers license – As with buyers, the title company must verify that you are who you say you are
  • All keys to the house – Much appreciated by the buyers 🙂
  • Gate code – If you live in a gated community, the new owners might want to be able to get in!
  • Alarm information – Directions for use, your super secret code and contact information for the alarm company
  • List of special service providers – Pool service, lawn service, your go-to air conditioning guy…all of this can be life saving for a new owner
  • Receipts for repairs – If there were any repairs or improvements made after inspections, bring the receipts with you (this is part of the inspection response agreement)

That’s it!  By the time you are ready to go the closing, the hard part is over.  Negotiations are finished, repairs are done and the movers have packed for you.  Congratulations on a successful sale!


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