Security and Your Home Move

security issues when you move

Security issues when you move

Everyone gets all excited about moving to New Orleans. Where will the furniture go? How close is the coffee shop? Are the neighbors nice in that “wave while you’re parking” way or are they the type that will greet you with a sack of crawfish and a 6-pack? It’s fun, it’s exhilarating and we’ve found that what usually gets kicked under the rug in all of the excitement are the security issues when you move.

Security systems

You can have the alarm and monitoring service transferred from the old owner, but verify with the alarm company that that they are no longer the point of contact when the alarm goes off.  At the same time, ensure that the billing address is correct and (really important!) have all of the security codes changed.

Security cameras

If the property includes security cameras that are tied to a central database like ProjectNOLA, you’ll need to update the information on file with the monitoring service.


We highly recommend that you have the locks rekeyed as soon as possible because contractors, neighbors and cleaning services may have copies. If the keys are electronic, have the entry code reset.

Smart home features

Some homes allow you to control the HVAC and lighting remotely. It’s a great selling point, but be sure that the settings are updated to avoid any unauthorized use or changes by an old resident. If the house has smart locks, coordinate with the seller to change access and set up your own service or even consider removing them and starting fresh with your own locks.


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