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When I was a kid, there was nothing better than visiting a friend who lived on a cul-de-sac. We basically had the street to ourselves, since only the folks who lived there would drive all the way to the end. Dodge ball, jump rope, even hopscotch, were so much more fun with that element of being naughty by playing in the street.

The West Bank of New Orleans, with more traditional subdivisions than can be found in the city proper, offers several options for cul-de-sac living today.

cul de sac living

Before you buy on a cul de sac, though, consider whether it fits your lifestyle

Are you OK with the neighborhood kids congregating in front of your house? The appeal of a play space with little vehicle traffic is definitely a draw for the youngsters.

Do you like to know your neighbors well? Cul-de-sac home owners tend to socialize with each other more often than those on a traditional street. Even if it’s just the “good morning” ritual, if you’re a keep to yourself type of person, it could start to wear on you after a while.

Parking issues. While I’ve never seen a cul-de-sac home without at least a driveway (usually with a garage as well), curbside parking is minimal due to the design of the street. Visitors may be forced to park down the block to avoid limiting your neighbors ability to get in and out of their own drives. That’s something to consider if you entertain a lot or own more vehicles than you have off street parking spaces.



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