Upgrading Your Yard

Keeping up with the Joneses: Upgrading Your Yard

Did you know that just like there are trends in architecture, paint colors, and interior design, there are also trends in upgrading your yard?

There are. And the most common price levels are under $5,000 for total projects.

The most popular upgrades?

Backyards are hot, hot, hot, but front yard curb appeal is still a focus for 44% of home owners. What are they doing? Creating flower beds and borders, adding shrubs and perennials, and even planting trees. Psst…if you’re planting a tree, do it smart.¬†

Surprisingly, most people tackling an outdoor project are new homeowners. I don’t know about you, but I get bored with my gardens and feel the need to recreate them every few years, so I must fall into the minority here.

With the hot weather soon to be cooling, it’s a really good time to plan out your next outdoor project. Share your pics in the comments, so we can all enjoy the fruits of your labor.


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