Top 4 Home Improvements That Give You the Best Return

man doing home improvements

In a 2015 cost vs value report of home improvements in the central southern region of the U.S., Remodeling prepared a list of major and minor improvements and how much a home seller can expect to recoup on the cost of those improvements.

Top 4 Home Improvements

Entry Door Replacement (Steel)
At an average cost of $1,141, a home owner can expect to recoup 98.1% of the cost.

Garage Door Replacement
Average cost is $1,490 and a seller can expect to recoup 86% of the cost.

Roof Replacement
Average cost is $17,657 and owners recoup an average of 82% of the cost.

Siding Replacement (fiber-cement)
AKA Hardi Board, the average replacement cost is $12,448, while the recouped costs are 80.8%.

Home Improvements with the Lowest Return

Just because an improvement may not provide you with a big return on your cost, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t make the changes to your home that allow you to live there comfortably. Remember, though, when it comes time to sell that the following changes won’t drastically improve your home’s value.

  • Home office remodel (54.8%)
  • Sun room addition (46.6%)
  • Garage addition (55.4%)


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