Don’t Let Curtains Kill Your Home Sale

Over the years, some of the most contentious disagreements I’ve witnessed between home buyers and sellers have been over curtains.  Or blinds.  Or valences.  Or whatever other window covering might be in a house.


Will a cotton panel prove to be your undoing?

Selling Your New Orleans Home

Here’s what the Louisiana purchase agreement says is included in a sale.  It’s the not the entire paragraph, but notice that ALL window coverings, shutters, blinds and hardware (that means rods and tie backs and the brackets that attach to the wall) are addressed and automatically included in the sale of a home.

The purchase agreement is clear...

Unless a seller specifically excludes any of these items from the sale, then buyers expect them to be there on move-in day.

While some home owners may tell their agent to put it the in the MLS that “the curtains don’t stay”, unless that exclusion is actually in the contract, sellers are agreeing to leave them behind.

Don’t let curtains spell curtains for your home sale.  If you plan to take them with you, be sure that they are addressed in the purchase agreement so everyone is on the same page.

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