Does Your Agent Opt-In?

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Conversations are happening all over the real estate world about whether or not agents should opt-in and have their listings syndicated to the national real estate franchise sites.  People on both sides of the issue are passionate about their opinions, but it seems to me that the person who has the most to gain or lose is the consumer and I’m not sure anyone is just thinking about their fiduciary duty to their seller clients.

I know you didn’t ask, but here’s my opinion about the whole thing.

Opting in to allow a listing to be displayed on national real estate sites provides more exposure for a home.  Period. 

It doesn’t matter if that site also sells ad space, has featured agents (FYI – they are not really featured, they just write a big check each month) or gives their uninformed opinion about the value of a home in an area they have never set foot in.   Those are all issues that have to do with trying to maximize agent exposure, not listing exposure.

The reality is that buyers are all over the internet when searching for a home and sellers want their listing to be wherever those buyers are.

If agents choose to opt-OUT of syndicating their listings to the national sites, who loses?  The home seller.  The very person that hired the agent to get the word out to interested buyers.

Before you sign on the dotted line to list your home with someone, ask about their advertising policy and if it includes national syndication.

You never know where the buyer for your home might be searching.


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  1. Kirstin Whitten says:

    As someone who has purchased 3 homes (all while living in different states), I LOVE agents that opt in. Knowing that there is a huge military presence on the West Bank, I can’t figure out why a local seller wouldn’t want to go with an agent who provides national exposure for their home and can reach potential home buyers wherever they might be currently residing.

    • Lisa Heindel says:

      It often comes down to office politics, Kirstin, which should have no bearing on making a listing available to as many channels as possible. I’d just like to believe that we do it better 😉

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