Woodland West Home Sales :: May 2017 Real Estate Update

Woodland West subdivision, Harvey LA

Woodland West Home Sales :: Harvey LA

After a strong 2016, Woodland West home sales are limited to a single house so far this year. Why is that? Because there’s little supply to be had. Just 3 homes are currently on the market in Woodland West.

Woodland West Home Sales

Home Prices in Woodland West

Prices over the last 5 years have moved up and down slightly, remaining mostly flat for all but the very best homes. By very best, we mean those that have been updated or renovated and meticulously maintained.

5 of the homes sold in the last 12 months were in either Fair or Average condition, which results in lower average sale prices.

In that same 12 month time frame, the low sale was for $50,000 (2609 Vulcan St) and the high sale was $190,000 (2349 S Friendship Drive).

woodland west home sales prices

Other things to know about Woodland West home sales

  • Inventory remains very low – there was only 1 home even put on the market in the 4th quarter of 2016.
  • Average days to sell in 2017 stands at 64
  • On average, 2 homes a month had expired listings in 2016. With such low inventory, this is a strong indicator of mediocre property condition, too high of an asking price, or a combination of the two


Homes for sale in Woodland West Harvey LA

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