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Terrytown Real Estate

One of our readers asked for an update on the Terrytown real estate market, so here’s the most up to date information on sales of single family homes in the 70056 zip code.

All data as of 6/24/2013, provided by the Gulf South Real Estate Information Network

Homes Sold in Terrytown/Gretna 70056

After the huge drop from 2007 to 2008 (which was completely expected given the post-Katrina buying boom), sales have held steady. We saw a nice increase in the number of sales in 2012 and it appears that the community is on track for about the same volume in 2013.

Homes sold in Terrytown and Gretna LA

Home Prices in Terrytown/Gretna LA 70056

While the number of sales has been stable, prices in the 70056 zip code have continued to decline year over year. This is the case for most of the West Bank, not just Terrytown and Gretna, so no need to panic that your neighborhood is in a nose dive.

If you’d like numbers for a specific neighborhood, just drop us a line and we’ll get right to work on those for you.

Terrytown $ sold


Terrytown LA 70056 Homes for Sale

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