Stonebridge Real Estate – Harvey and Gretna LA Neighborhood Update

Stonebridge Real Estate Market Update – 2015 Home Sales

Over the last 5 years, sales of Stonebridge real estate have held fairly steady on both the Harvey and Gretna sides of the West Bank golf community.

Stonebridge Gretna Sales

There have been some slight ups and downs in the number of homes sold, but overall, an average of 13.6 homes have been sold each year on the Gretna side.

Stonebridge real estate sales - Gretna and Harvey LA

Stonebridge home sales – GRETNA

Sold Home Prices

2012 was a peak year for Stonebridge Gretna and prices dropped quite a bit in 2013. The last 2 years we’ve seen an increase in average sale prices, reflective of the fact that many people are being priced out of New Orleans proper and beginning to look to the West Bank for more affordable homes that still offer community amenities like golf.

Stonebridge real estate - Gretna LA

Average sale prices in Stonebridge – GRETNA

Days to Sell

As the prices have increased, the time to sell has gone dropped. It’s amazing that just 4 short years ago, the average time to sell was over 200 days and in 2015 it was only 88 days.

Stonebridge real estate

Average days to sell – Stonebridge GRETNA


Stonebridge Harvey Sales

Sales on the Harvey side of Stonebridge have increased over the last 3 years. While it used to be that the Gretna side sold more, that’s no longer the case. In 2015, Harvey had 46% more sales than Gretna and the outlook remains strong.

Stonebridge real estates

Stonebridge – HARVEY

Average Sold Prices

Part of the attraction to the Harvey side of Stonebridge is the fact that average home prices are lower. In 2015, the Gretna average was $312,665, while the Harvey average was $259,823. That’s a pretty substantial pricing difference, but part of it is that there are fewer homes that front the golf course on the Harvey side.

Stonebridge real estate

Stonebridge – HARVEY

Average Days to Sell

The drawback to the Harvey side is that it takes quite a bit longer for home owners to sell – 131 days on average, compared to 88 on the Gretna side. It’s a trade off between prices and the ability to sell faster.

Stonebridge real estate

Stonebridge HARVEY


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